Lovo.AI_ Prime AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech

Lovo.AI_ Prime AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech

Realistic AI voices that captivate your audience

LOVO is the go-to AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech platform for thousands of creators, saving 90% of their time and budget.

Experience the full power of cutting-edge AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech that delivers premium results

Insanely powerful. Easy to use.

Super rich feature set, giving you an unparalleled voiceover production experience powered by realistic AI Voices

The perfect  partner for your creation

Real human voices

Experience superior realness and quality of LOVO's AI voices. Nobody would believe you if you told them the voices were AI.

World's largest library of voices

We provide 400+ voices with various styles through LOVO so that you can create the perfect content for any use case.

10x bang for your buck

Save thousands of dollars with our pricing that grows with your needs. Accelerate your workflow 10x with our rapid production engine.

Create content in 100 languages

Your content deserves a wider, global audience. Choose from 100+ global voices in our library.

Intuitive, yet full-featured UI

Genny is a feature packed software that includes everything you need to create a video content from scratch.

Join a strong community

When you join LOVO, you are joining a community of 400,000+ creators who are eager to share and help.


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